📆 Join Webinar: How Psychological Safety Boosts Team Performance

📆 Join Webinar: How Psychological Safety Boosts Team Performance
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Leaders must empower employees with psychological safety to act confidently in the face of change, but recent studies show 74% of them aren't yet aware of this evolving need in the workplace.

Join our webinar on May 18 at 4PM BST, where we'll share an evidence-based case study to learn how psychological safety can help to build high-performing teams and nurture a positive climate at work.

This webinar is for team leaders, managers, and individual contributors who want to unlock the full potential of their teams, by learning practical tips on how you can achieve greater innovation, high-quality decision making, and more effective execution at work.

In 60 minutes you will discover:

  • Why psychological safety matters and how it fosters team performance

  • Practical tips on building psychological safety within your team

  • Guiding principles for a successful implementation and what to avoid


👉 Save your seat and register for May 18 at 4PM BST 


If you are interested to go more in-depth and discuss the topic with peers also join our Community Event on May 31st. Registration opens soon!

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