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Team Building Activities to Build Psychological Safety

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We're excited to share that we recently held our very first Masterclass on Team Building Activities to Build Psychological Safety! It was a great follow up on our insightful webinar about How Psychological Safety Boosts Team Performance


The format of this session was to walk you through a blueprint of how you can run a Psychological Safety workshop, that you can later put into practice within your teams. 


We first focused on giving you a template on how to assess where your team is in terms of the four stages of Psychological Safety, and then how you can take them through the journey to democratically decide on what are the best practices to implement to establish Psychological Safety. 

But, our main focus was on you – our users and community members – we wanted to gather practical tips and best practices for improving Psychological Safety within your teams.


We’ve prepared a step-by-step blueprint for you to replicate this workshop with your teams.

This slide deck includes assessments, brainstorming and facilitation tips, best practices we’ve collected from our users, as well as an action plan and some additional resources prepared by our team of experts.

👉 Download the hand-out here. 


A huge thank you goes to our amazing attendees and all of their input. We had great conversations and wished we could have stayed and chatted for much longer! 


Here are some highlights from our breakout sessions and tips on how to establish Psychological Safety on an everyday basis that we’ve collected from our participants during the Masterclass: 



Again, thank you so much for our attendees for this very engaging session!

Our next event will a webinar on 👉 Include, Engage, Succeed: Best Practices for Truly Inclusive Meetings. Grab your free seat here. 



We’d love to keep the conversation going and hear from you! 🤗

What are some rituals and best practices in your teams to establish Psychological Safety? 

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This is awesome! will definitely share the slides with my team! thank you for putting this together wish I could have joined

We’re a team of 12 and discussions can get heated. At the beginning of the year, we came up with a set of rules to follow to make sure everyone is comfortable. For example we never use the word BUT when we’re brainstorming and I can definitely see people being less afraid to speak up.

excited to test out some of the other tips

@Jeff.prop this is awesome to read - I agree with your point totally...a few ‘ground rules’ can make meetings and especially collaboration so much more productive!

Kudos for you for sharing your experience and making the change - I’d love to hear if you have any more learnings?!