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  • 16 November 2023
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Surveys allow you to ask multiple poll questions at the same time. Use them before or after your meeting to learn about your attendees’ expectations and/or experiences.


Available in all paid plans


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Create a Survey 


Begin your survey just like any other interaction in Slido. Click the + Add new button, select the Survey option, then give it a name.

Create a Survey


Select + Add first question to begin creating your poll questions. Then continue adding as many as you need by selecting the + Add another question button.


Add more questions to your survey


Slido polls and surveys save automatically after a few seconds so you don’t lose any progress.


Edit and reorder poll questions in a Survey


At any time, you can rearrange your survey polls and edit them how you see fit.

  1. Select your survey from the list of interactions
  2. Drag and drop the poll questions to change their order
  3. Click on any poll you’d like to edit and make your changes
    Reorder and edit survey questions


Changes take effect immediately, even when the survey is active



Activate a survey


To activate your survey, click the play icon next to it. The survey will then show up on participant devices as well as the Present mode.

  • Click the View as participant option at anytime to see exactly what participants are seeing
  • Open up Slido’s Present mode by clicking the green Present button in the bottom right corner
Activate survey and test participant view



Display survey results


Display the results from your survey one poll at a time with a simple click.

  1. Make sure your survey is activated by clicking the green play button
  2. Click the eye icon next to an individual poll to display its results live for participants to see
    Display survey results



Please note that initially no results are displayed by default. You must click the display icon for any results to appear.



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