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  • 24 August 2020
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When running live polls, there are moments when you need to hide the results from the audience to keep them on their toes. Once everyone's voted, you can easily reveal the results and present them live on the screen.

There are three ways to hide results. You can choose to hide them while you’re creating the poll, after you’ve created it or while running the poll in present mode.

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Hide results while creating the poll

If you click on the Hide live results checkbox while creating your polls, it will prevent the audience from seeing the results right away.

Setting up ‘hide live results’ in poll modal


Hide results after creating the poll

While launching polls from the Live Polls tab, you also have the eye icon to help you hide the results. It hides the results both in participant devices and in Present mode.




Hide results in present mode

In Present mode, you can hide results by clicking on Hide results in the bottom bar.



13 replies

Hi, I think this feature is great! However, I can’t seem to be able to use it with the Google Slides integration. Is there a way around it? 

Thank you!

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Hi @Valentine

Happy to hear you like it! 🎉

Yes, it is possible. If the results are still showing, even after choosing to hide them, please have a look at the poll settings within the Google Slides side bar. 

Right under the poll you should see the option Don’t show results.

Let me know how it goes!



Hi Francesca, 

Thank you for your reply! I actually got help from someone on your team and it works fine now! Thank you!

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Perfect, happy to hear that @Valentine 🎉 


is it possible to hide the Quiz results during and as well as at the end of the quiz? It would be helpful, if we could keep the results as a secret till another time of the day.

Thank you in advance,


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Hey @Alena,

Yes, in the web Slido admin, you can skip the results of a quiz. Simply activate your quiz, and then click on the blue ‘Start quiz’ button. After participants have voted, move to each question by clicking on the arrow next to the question. This allows you to move through quiz questions without revealing the results.

To hide the leaderboard, you will need to deactivate the quiz. Then, when you wish to show the leaderboard, activate the quiz again, click on ‘Start quiz’ and then select the arrow next to the leaderboard.

Just note here - this is not possible in any of our integrations at the moment, it only works in the web version.

Hope that helps 🤗 Let me know if you have any further questions.

I created an event with some polls. I selected “hide results” for every single poll: when I present with Slido everything works; if I try to present with Power Point  responses are always shown in real time even if I selected “hide results”. How can I hide them when I present with Power Point? I have already tried to logout and login, refresh page and close and open ppt file but nothing changes.

Thank you in advance for your help! :innocent:

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Hi @S.O.,

To hide results in PowerPoint, you need to select this option in the PowerPoint integration. Simply go to a Slido slide and open the sidebar. Then click on the three dots next to the poll name, select ‘Edit’ and select ‘Don’t show results’. 

I’ve linked a gif above :) 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Hello - I’ve created a poll and don’t want the correct answers to be shown.  I’ve clicked on the eye icon to hide results but as soon as all participants vote it seems to deactivate the eye icon so the answers are shown to each participant (by a message stating ‘’well done that’s correct or no that’s not correct).  I’m using powerpoint 365 integration - I can see the three dots next to the poll name but I don’t have ‘don’t show results’ as an option.  Thanks

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Hey @Laura_A,

It sounds like you’re using a quiz poll which does not have the ‘hide results’ feature. This feature is available for all other polls.

You could instead create a multiple choice poll and select ‘Show results on click’ - see the video below. This will work similarly to the quiz, except the results will be hidden until you click on the slide.

Hope this helps :)

Now how can one from external view the hidden results from the poll with hidden results?


I would like to show live results with Surveys on a Powerpoint presentation, but it doesn't seem to be possible. Could you help me, please?

Many thanks,


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Hey @JadeP. ,

You can display the results for only one Survey question at a time

  1. Click on the play button next to the survey
  2. Click on the monitor icon to show the results of a specific question in Present mode and on participant devices

Let us know if you have any other questions!