🙋‍♀️ Discussion of the month: How to run the best all-hands meetings?

  • 25 October 2021
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Hey everyone! 

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month since our Inclusive Meetings discussion! 

Thank you so much everyone that participated! If you still have some great experiences or tips to share, here’s the thread - we’d love to hear from you 🤗



This month’s topic is all about All-Hands Meetings 🙋‍♀️ 


I think we’ve all experienced our fair share of dull and unengaging All-Hands meetings, especially after switching to hybrid or virtual setup. 

At Slido, we consider All-Hands the most important meeting of the month, where teams get together, share their updates, celebrate wins, learn from their fails and get all of their tough questions answered. 


👉 Here’s a list of  8 fresh ideas we put together for you to try at your upcoming All-Hands or even Town Hall meeting.


I particularly like number 4: Turn your business numbers into a quiz, it’s much more engaging and fun than listen to long monologues describing charts 🤷‍♀️Plus, makes it so much easier to actually remember the content! 


But, as always - We’d love to hear from you! 


What are your favorite All-Hands moments, tips or experiences that just make the meeting so much more engaging and enjoyable? 

👇Let us know!



3 replies

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Hi Slido fans! 

Thanks Alex for posting this, I love your blogs but missed this one.

Never tried turning metrics into a quiz but could be a good experiment for closing of the year retro…

The unsung hero poll is an all-time favorite in my company! People really love seeing their name or their colleagues’ names on the screen, especially since we went fully remote and some people have never met anyone in person. 

Keep up the great work guys!

Josh ✌️

Hello :) 

I’m an internal events manager and for me, hands down, the best moment during allhands is when executives pick the hard questions off of slido! the employees are usually quite surprised but it just shows our transparent company culture, and even if the executives don’t have a good answer, it’s okay, because people know they are being heard and that’s the most impactful thing for us!

We haven’t been using slido for too long, maybe like 3-4 months and we only use it for the fun stuff like team buildings or special quizzes. Would be cool to try it for allhands and more serious business meetings. 

Quizzes and competitions are a big part of our company culture so it would be great to try one for business numbers too. Anyone tried it before? What’s the ideal setup?