1 Million Events 🎉

  • 30 September 2020
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1 Million Events 🎉
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In September, we’ve crossed the milestone of one million events that have used Slido to create better interactions between speakers and their audiences since our foundation in 2012.


In total, our users engaged over 45 million active participants who sent over 20 million questions into Slido and cast more than 63 million poll votes.

For this, we’d like to say thank you to every one of you who put your trust in Slido and supported us on our journey.

This milestone comes to us in a time of great transformation, and even greater challenges.

As millions of people had to switch to remote work, online meetings have become the new normal.

It had an impact on us too.

From March, we’ve seen an unprecedented 200% YoY growth of customers using Slido mainly in smaller meetings, as the companies needed to stay connected with their remote teams.

Now more than ever, we feel committed to keep helping you create meaningful interactions and drive important conversations in and across teams.


From conferences to individual users

Eight years ago, we started Slido with a vision to help people get more out of conferences and events.

To do that, we built an app that gave conference attendees a voice and made it easy for them to interact with speakers.

Our beginnings were humble, but we always dreamed big.

Over the years, we grew from 250 events in 2013 to almost 500,000 events so far this year.


Along the way, we had the chance to work with some world-leading conferences – like SXSW, Web Summit, Pulse, Festival of Marketing, Money 20/20, and IMEX. And all that we know about audience engagement and meeting design, we have learned from our users.



From the conferences, Slido made its way to companies and meeting rooms.

Companies worldwide started using Slido to collect feedback from their team members and empower them to ask questions, and as a result, build a more transparent culture.


Today, Slido is used by 40 of the Fortune 100 companies, along with many others – like Nokia, or Suntory, who use Slido at their all-hands meetings, town halls, offsites, and open Ask Me Anything Sessions.



Within the companies, Slido gradually found its way into the hands of individual presenters such as team leaders, project managers, and executives.

And this shift towards individual presenters has only been accelerated as businesses switched to remote work.

In this new context, polls have become the key feature for the business presenters (growing by more than 300% YoY in the past months) to run more engaging online meetings and create stronger connections in the teams.


What’s next?

We realize that the way we meet and interact with one another has changed for good and want to remain a trusted partner in the new context of remote work and online meetings, enabling presenters to seamlessly engage with their audiences.

Soon, we’re launching some big product updates to give presenters the tools for more interactive presentations and better meetings.


Thank you all so much 💚

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