Introducing Enhanced Security & Compliance for Slido (and Webex Polling) with Theta Lake 🔒

  • 10 February 2023
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Introducing Enhanced Security & Compliance for Slido (and Webex Polling) with Theta Lake 🔒
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Compliance Challenges of Deploying Audience Interaction Platforms


For meeting hosts in regulated industries such as financial services, balancing productivity and compliance is a challenge as they try to lead more effective meetings and events.


In regulated industries, engaging audiences through polls and Q&As also involves ensuring that their digital communications comply with retention, supervision, and review requirements.
Financial services organizations, in particular, must preserve e-communications for monitoring and supervision including MiFID II,SEC 17a-4 and public disclosure requests. 

Archiving of all content, such as live polls, Q&As, surveys, or crowd-sourced ideas, are included in this process.


Each year, regulators levy hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for failing to monitor communications. There are few compliance solutions for archiving electronic communications from audience interaction platforms such as Slido. As a result, financial services companies can't digitize their business and deploy these platforms.


How have we remedied this?


Theta Lake has partnered with Slido to seamlessly integrate your Slido platform for AI-based compliance and archiving. Content such as Live Polls, Q&A, Surveys, Quizzes, and more will be automatically risk assessed.


By combining Slido and Theta Lake, event and meeting hosts in highly regulated industries can engage their audiences while meeting their long-term archiving and eDiscovery requirements.


  1. Archiving, retention, and eDiscovery for Slido: You can easily archive content on Slido with Theta Lake's non-erasable, SEC 17a-4 compliant archive, or "Bring Your Own Keys/Bucket" for AWS and Azure.


  1. Connector to third-party archive of records: Slido content is captured and integrated into Theta Lake's Archive Connector, preserving all context from Polls, Q&As, Surveys, and more.


  1. Data loss protection: Unlock the power of Slido without jeopardizing confidential client and company information. In any shared content, Theta Lake detects the sharing of personal information as well as other sensitive information, such as data leakage, misconduct, regulatory compliance, and more. Theta Lake's AI-driven Compliance Advisor provides details on policy detection, as well as timestamps to jump to the exact moment a risk occurs.


  1. Electronic communications recordkeeping compliance for WebEx: Slido and Theta Lake have already built integrations into WebEx Meetings and hence polls generated in WebEx Meetings and archived by Theta Lake are attached to all other WebEx Meetings and Ecomms artifacts (such as in-meeting chat, Transcripts, or closed-captioning). 

“I am excited about the Theta Lake integration for Slido! Our customers in regulated markets like Financial Services will be able to use Slido while keeping up with their compliance and security requirements.” - Pavol Dudrik


👉 How to Integrate with Theta Lake 👈

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