New pre-meeting and voting experience in Slido for Microsoft Teams

  • 9 April 2024
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New pre-meeting and voting experience in Slido for Microsoft Teams
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We’re excited to share recent updates to Slido for Microsoft Teams which helps make the experience better for both hosts and participants. 


Enlarged layout for pre-meeting preparation

Preparation for your meeting with Slido in the Teams calendar is now more intuitive and organized. You can add your interactions from the left sidebar, and create, edit and preview the Slido content in the main area.  


Preparing Slido in Teams calendar


Improved voting experience

When you launch or deactivate a poll, a chat notification is sent to the meeting chat. Your participants can vote on an active poll after clicking the Send your vote button, which opens the Slido sidebar. These chat notifications replace the previous experience using pop-ups.


Previous experience with pop-ups for voting


New experience using chat notifications with a button for voting


As a host, you will no longer vote in the poll directly in Teams. Clicking the call-to-action in adaptive card opens the Slido sidebar to an admin view, which is consistent with our other integrations.

With the recent update, we also improved the stability of the integration, solved repeated authentication prompts, and dark and light mode are now aligned with your computer's settings. 

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2 replies


Not a fan of these changes. The removal of the pop-up makes it slower for attendees to access a poll as they need to actively open chat, click a button and load the Slido sidebar before they can vote.


The pop-up window was much easier to use and more accessible. Why has this been removed?

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Hello @KrystianJ 

thank you for your feedback. Our team has decided to simplify the way how Slido is accessed without additional pop up windows. I understand that the changes may not be ideal for you and I will forward your feedback to them, however at the moment this is the only way how it works.