What's new in Slido: April 2021 🚀

  • 29 April 2021
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What's new in Slido: April 2021 🚀
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🔮 Random Quiz options (BETA):

  • You can now create quizzes faster, without searching for the incorrect options. The new magic wand button will suggest potential options for your quiz questions, so you can spend less time creating and more time playing.

  • Available for everyone with quizzes in English.



👥 Automatic access sharing for Google Slides integration and improvements to PowerPoint integration:

  • People who are Editors in your Google Slides presentation will automatically get Guest access to the Slido event connected with the presentation - they just need to log in to their Slido account.


  • Also, the sidebar in our Google Slides integration has been completely redesigned 😍


  • The PowerPoint integration has a new installer with more stable updates, new design, and Slido button appearing in PowerPoint automatically without having to launch it 💪


Participant experience

🚀 New languages, 6 digit event codes, and Present mode updates:

  • You can now change the language of the Participant mode to Catalan and Finnish for your attendees ✨
  • 6 digit event codes are now randomly generated for all new events (remember, you can always change them)
  • If you decide to use a logo for your event, it will stay on top of your Present mode and the QR code used for joining the event will move to the bottom of the screen




Let us know what you think about our latest updates in the comments below! 👇

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