What's new in Slido: February 2022 💗

  • 14 March 2022
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What's new in Slido: February 2022 💗
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Check out how we’ve improved Slido over February! Let us know what you think.




🎨 Redesigned sidebar in Webex 


🎯 New design for action bar in Webex

  • We have redesigned the bar at the bottom of the Webex sidebar that lets hosts launch, activate and create polls and more

  • It now adapts to the context of the interaction and the host’s needs


🤝 Request to manage Slido now available in Webex

  • Meeting co-hosts and panelists can request to manage Slido directly from the new Webex sidebar during the meeting 

  • No need to set up shared access in advance


🚫 PowerPoint integration changes in operating system support

  • Our PowerPoint integration does not support operating systems older than Windows 10 anymore

  • This includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1


🙌 PowerPoint integration supports Microsoft Store Office


Live polls


📊 Quiz leaderboard visible to participants


🖼️ Image poll improvements

  • Present mode now adapts to vertical images in image polls


👁️ Showing and hiding results is now clearer

  • Slido admin now makes it very clear whether you are showing results to participants or hiding them


🧑‍🎨 New look for live polls in participant view

  • Live polls in participant view have a modern and accessible design




⌨️ Improved accessibility for participants

  • VoiceOver can now read the poll title and the highest voted answers in participant view, making Slido more accessible than ever


✅ VPAT available for Slido

  • We now have the official Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) showing Slido’s accessibility status

  • The document can be accessed here

4 replies

Shouldn't it be PowerPoint instead of Powerpoint? At least in Microsoft it is used to be called that way. Also, I suggest to use “Microsoft Office 2021 (Microsoft Store edition)” instead of “2021 Microsoft Store version of MS Office”. It may confuse your customers otherwise.

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Hi @MSAdvocate,

Thank you for highlighting this! We have fixed the article :)


Will there a March Update as well? Is it possible to be notified of these updates? 

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Hi @Rouven,

Yes, we publish product news at the beginning of every month 🙂 You can see the previous ones here.

We don’t send any notifications, but if you keep an eye on our Product News section, you will see them there.