What's new in Slido: May 2022 ⚡️

What's new in Slido: May 2022 ⚡️
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Fresh off the press, here’s our monthly Product news! Check out how we improved Slido during May and let us know what you think 😎


🖼️️️️  New layout of image polls in Google slides and PowerPoint

  • Images now appear side by side with polls in our Google Slides and PowerPoint integrations by default

  • You can still show images before polls if you wish

🧑‍🎨 Fresh look now default in Webex

  • The redesigned Slido admin experience in Webex is now enabled by default for all hosts

🚀 Quizzes have arrived to Webex 🎉

  • Quizzes are finally available in our redesigned Webex sidebar

Live polls

⏳ Open text responses appear one at a time

  • Instead of pouring in all at once, participants’ responses in open text polls now appear one by one

💬 Present mode shows if participants are typing live

  • Present mode now shows when participants are typing their answers in open text and word cloud polls


🔐 New internal authorization app

  • We developed TheAuth - a new internal app which aligns Slido with the industry standard OAuth 2.0 and makes Slido even more secure

  • This only affects the back-end of Slido so you should not notice anything different

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