What's new in Slido: November 2022 🧣

  • 5 December 2022
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What's new in Slido: November 2022 🧣
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In this winding down month here at Slido before we're all gearing up for the festive season ahead, why not take a peek at our short-but-sweet Product News from November 😎




🌐 Slido now supported in Webex Webcast

  • Available in Webcast, with a few limitations. Webcast currently only supports Q&A, Multiple choice and Rating polls.

Slido in Webex Webcast


🚪 Support for Multiple rooms, now in Webex sidebar

  • Multiple rooms support is available in the Webex sidebar. Try it out! 
Multiple rooms in Webex Sidebar



📈 New look in Q&A Analytics

  • Q&A analytics has a fresh look, new insights and automatic detection of question sentiment. This is limited to events run in English, but can be manually applied for all languages, and also if you don’t agree with the sentiments captured in English 🎉
New Q&A Analytics


📩 Download an image of your Q&A results

  • Share your insights from meetings more easily with the option to download the results of your Q&A word cloud and sentiments. Just click the download button on the top right. 
Download Q&A Insights from Analytics


📊 Analytics page the default for past events

  • Once an event is finished in Slido, instead of showing polls, the event analytics tab is now the default page shown, making it easier for you to review your meeting insights!


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