What's new in Slido: October 2022 🎃

  • 8 November 2022
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What's new in Slido: October 2022 🎃
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The weather is starting to cool down so snuggle up and keep warm with our hot-off-the-press product news. Check out how we improved Slido during October and let us know what you think by commenting below 🤗


Live polls


🎨 Word cloud animation

  • The word cloud is now even more magical with its smooth, animated movement


⚙️ Rating poll now customizable

  • When setting up a rating poll, you can now choose whether you want participants to send their ratings as stars or emojis and you can also set labels for low and high scores  


Using emojis in a rating poll



⚡️ Multiple choice poll improvements

  • Marking an option as correct in a multiple choice poll is now even easier as you just need to click on the circle next to the option


Marking an option as correct in a multiple choice poll





💬 Typing indicator available in Webex

  • The Webex integration sidebar now shows when participants are typing their responses in live polls 


🔥 Webex sidebar improvements 

  • The Webex sidebar also allows you to edit live polls and to select if you want to hide or show results before you launch a poll


Webex updates - the typing indicator, editing a live poll, hiding results while creating a poll


🖥 Rating poll customizable in Webex

  • Same as in admin, the Webex integration allows you to add labels for high and low scores, and choose between stars and emojis in rating polls


🚀 Rating poll also customizable in Google Slides and PowerPoint

  • The rating poll sure got a lot of attention this month! Our Google Slides and PowerPoint integrations also allow you to use emojis and select labels for high and low scores



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