What's new in Slido: September 2021 💪

  • 5 October 2021
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🎉 PowerPoint integration is out of BETA

  • We’re excited to share that our PowerPoint integration has moved out of BETA and is now available for all users of Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2013 (and later)! 


🕹 New Slido button in Google Slides navigation bar

  • There’s a new Slido button in the bottom navigation bar in Google Slides that allows you to display Slido whenever you want during your presentation.
  • Note - this button works only if using our Slido Chrome Extention as well.


⚠️ Ideas disabled in Webex integration

  • Ideas BETA was removed from our Webex integration sidebar because we're getting ready for a redesign which will affect the Ideas BETA functionality.

Live polls


😃 Emoji picker for live polls

  • It is now easier than ever to add an emoji to your response in a live poll with our new emoji picker.
  • It’s available in the Slido desktop app and Webex integration.
  • Please note that on mobile, participants need to use the emoji keyboard to insert an emoji.


✍️ Translation of textual emojis in live polls

  • Slido also now recognizes textual emojis, such as “ 😃 ” or “😃” and turns them into visual emojis “ 😃” in live polls and Q&A.


🖼 Improved image polls for participants

  • We’ve redesigned the layout of image polls in Slido participant mode to make the images appear much bigger for better visibility.
  • This applies for both desktop and mobile devices, as well as our video integrations. 




Let us know what you think about our latest updates in the comments below! 👇

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