What's new in Slido: September 2022 🍂

  • 17 October 2022
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What's new in Slido: September 2022 🍂
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Term time is in full swing, all the leaves are brown and the pumpkin spiced lattes are flowing at Slido HQ! 🎃 Let’s take a look at what our teams brought us in September, we’d love your feedback!




🔗 Slido for Windows add-in support for global deployment

  • There’s now a  brand new update to our Slido for Windows/PowerPoint add-in with support for global deployment. This means multiple regions!

Slido for Windows Add-In




🗑 Withdraw a reply in Q&A

  • Was your question answered in a meeting before they got to your reply? No problem! Participants can now withdraw any of their replies to a Q&A question. Just go to the right of the question and select ‘withdraw.’
Withdraw a reply in Q&A


Live Polls


✍️ Typing indicator for Polls in Slido admin mode

  • Make sure everyone has their say! You can now see when your participants are typing their responses to Open Text Polls in admin mode. This also applies to Surveys and Ranking Polls.

Typing Indicator in admin mode




🆕 A new, simplified way to create a new event

  • Creating events in Slido just got easier! Just select Create Slido at the welcome screen (or from New Slido if you already have past events), select the dates and a name for your event and you’re ready to go! 🎉
Create a new Event in Slido


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2 replies

Nice improvements, thank you!

Ok, but not really an improvement. What would make creating new events significantly more effective would be to allow the user to categorized questions from previous polls and then have a given category side by side, allowing to move over polls by drag and drop.

In the moment you import previous poll questions one by one searching for them by key words, this is not really efficient if you have many previous poll questions.

Please aim at the bigger picture for improving slido.