Set up a brainstorming session to collect ideas

  • 11 April 2021
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Brainstorming is a great activity to collect ideas and suggestions from your team or other stakeholders. 

To be able to use the Ideas feature and prepare your brainstorming session, you’ll need to enable it in your Event Settings. Then, you can go ahead and create your topic and activate it. 


In this article:


Enable Ideas feature and adjust the settings

To turn on Ideas, open your Slido event and navigate to the event name or the gear icon at the top. Then, go to Features and toggle on Ideas:

Enabling Ideas


You can also decide whether you’d like to turn on or off additional settings under Event settings → Features → Ideas:

  • Downvotes - enable negative votes on submitted ideas
  • Replies - let your participants add comments
  • Anonymous ideas - disable this option with our higher paid plans (Professional, Premium, Enterprise, Department, and Institution) if you want to see participant’s names with their idea
  • Max. idea length - up to 300 characters per idea


Create and activate a topic

Once the Ideas tab appears in your Slido event, you can create a topic that you would like to collect ideas for:

Creating Ideas topic


With our paid plans, you can create as many topics as you like. Please note, that only one topic can be live at a time



Manage Ideas

During the event, you can share your screen with Present mode with your participants and highlight the idea that’s being discussed. Use the stars for additional selection, and send the idea to the archive once you’re ready to move to another one:


Managing Ideas - star, highlight, archive



While it’s not possible to filter out the submitted Ideas at the moment, you can delete or archive any inappropriate or irrelevant submissions, edit typos or send a private reply to an Idea. 

Additional actions for Ideas



You can filter Ideas in Present mode chronologically, or by the number of upvotes to see the most popular ones first:

Display options for Ideas in Present mode - Popular, Recent, Oldest, and Starred. 


Quick Tip: Starring Ideas

You can mark your preferred ideas then display them in Present mode. This can be useful as a custom filter to showcase other ideas than the popular or most recent/oldest ones. 

All you need to do is hover on the submitted idea and click the star next to the highlight icon. Then, while you’re in Present mode, simply change the filter to Starred


Export Ideas

To keep track of your data, you can export all your ideas. Just go to the Analytics tab, hit Export, and select Ideas. 



2 replies


Does anyone know if there is a character limit for ideas being submitted from the audience?

I’ve seen for a open text poll is unlimited/10,000 so assuming an idea is the same but would be nice for it to be confirmed



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Hi, @MMP

There’s actually a limit of maximum 300 characters per Idea. The default limit is 160 characters and you can change it when you go to event Settings > Features > Ideas > Max. idea length



Hopefully it gives your audience some space to elaborate on their suggestions. 


Feel free to let us know how you would like to use the Ideas and if the character limit works for you. We’re always excited to hear some feedback!


All my best,