Auto Advance Survey polls in Present Mode (Google Slides integration)

  • 24 August 2023
  • 1 reply

I am trying to set up a public screen in our university’s foyer to display live results of a survey. Since I am not presenting by manually advancing through the survey slides, I need to find a way that the presentation moves on automatically. Using Slido’s Google Slides integration, I can autoplay slides, but since the survey is contained in a single slide, Google’s autoplay controls don’t work. The Slido player seems to have no autoplay function, just manual advance by clicking. Any way to solve this issue? Thanks so much!

1 reply


Hello @felixsattler ,

Unfortunately, Slido do not have an option for polls/surveys to automatically go on its own, but we will mark this a feature request for you.

As of right now, you will have to click through it manually. Would inviting another user as a guest to click through it for you help? If so, please take a look at our guest feature.

Hope this will help, if you’d need anything else, please let us know.

We’re happy to help!