Slido issues in MS Teams


We have been using Slido to interact with participants at our MS Teams meetings, but int he past couple of months there have been some glitches:

1. The integrated Slido app now appears in the chat which doesn’t work as well. Could this be due to an udpate of either of the two apps (MS Teams or Slido)?

2. Slido also often logs you out in the middle of a session (it didn’t use to do this) which is hard when you are in the middle of presenting (reported by organiser).

3. Slido polls resetting once session ended : everything that had been written by participants had disappeared and we did not manually delete or reset, first noticed on 21/05/2024. We use Slido polls a lot after the event has ended, so it is important to have this feature working as in the past.

Any suggestions on how to rectify these issues?

Thank you!

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