Cannot get seven (7) question to one PowerPoint slide

  • 17 September 2023
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Hello everybody


Yes, I’m aware of this; Unfortunately it did not provide solution for me.


I have Slido-item with seven (7) question and those need to be presented via company called Microsoft product of PowerPoint.

My challenge lie that I cannot get all those seven questions to be presented as one view (when using Microsoft PowerPoint to work as platform for Slido), screen can provide only six (6) question.


Any idea?

1 reply

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Hello @Knut Posse,

I have checked this with our team and Slido is being adjusted automatically when using Powerpoint integration so there is no way of showing all of the options if they do not fit to the screen. 

There should be an option to scroll down when the Slido poll is being active. I hope this could help a bit when presenting the results.