Changing Slido account attached to a PowerPoint presentation

  • 25 March 2022
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I am a new Slido user.  I am looking to integrate a poll with a presentation created by a colleague - when I try and log in from my account it says that the presentation is linked with someone else’s account (my colleague’s).  How do I get it to switch over to using my Slido account? Thanks! Helena


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9 replies

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Hi @Helena,

To be able to add polls to your colleague’s presentation, your colleague will first need to add you to the Slido event as a collaborator.

It is not letting you add polls to the presentation because you do not have access to the event linked to the presentation. After your colleague has given you guest access, you should be able to log in in PowerPoint and add polls.

Alternatively, you could duplicate the presentation and link your own event to it. Keep in mind that this will disconnect it from the previous Slido event.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions!

I have used a power point presentation with slido for a past presentation. How do I access it again to use it for another presentation?




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Hi @GI Endo

If you’re trying to install the Slido integration again, you can follow the steps in this article. However, if you already have this installed then I assume you are trying to find a previous event that you’d like to link to a new PowerPoint presentation. 

To do this, simply open the Slido sidebar by clicking the Slido icon in the PowerPoint ribbon. You should see a list of your previous events. Just select which one you want to use, and this will link it. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


I was trying to have a previous event reinstalled that was deleted. The event was called Endoscopy.

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Hey @GI Endo,

Could you please log in at and see if your event is there? If it is there, you can just duplicate the event, start a new presentation and connect the new event to the deck.

If you cannot find the event, please reach out to our customer care team at

Hope this helps! :)

I’ve duplicated my presentation, but I’m still recieving an error saying the presentation is linked. I’ve also removed all of the previous Slidos from the file.

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Hey @jayb0623 ,

Did you duplicate the entire presentation or did you copy over just the presentation Slides (not the Slido interaction slides)?

Deleting the Slido Slides will not unlink a Slido event from a presentation.

Let us know if this helps.


I created a new copy of the presentation with the Slido slides. Do I need to remove the Slido slides before I duplicate the presentation file?

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Hey @jayb0623 ,

Youve created a new Presentation and added the Slido event to it?

I would then copy only the specific Slides from the previous presentation and paste them to the new presentation, duplicating the entire presentation will duplicate the Slido event and show you the same issue.

For more troubleshooting please reach out to or use the chat feature to connect with someone from our support team immediately.