How to recycle poll questions (same presentation but different audience)?

  • 23 February 2024
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Dear Slido

Thanks for a great service.

I have a problem that I hope you can help me resolve.

Currently I run the same presentation / training i 20 different places. I use a set of polls to engage but also for collecting data.

Currently, I copy my presentation and the re-setup my slido poll questions. Because I want to save data collected and not having to reset the presentation every time.

I’ve experienced a few times that the system crashes if I reuse my own poll templates.

In sum, is there an easy way for me to use slido across my presentation without having to have 20 individual presentations and without having to (download the results) then delete the results by resetting the polls? 

I hope my problem and questions is clear?

Thanks in advance



1 reply

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Hey @SonnyKF ,

If you Duplicate the Presentation (google slides or ppt) you can also duplicate the session with it, it will duplicate the Slido event with a new event code, and keep the data separate from each session you use. This will help save some time adding polls and resetting them after each session you run.

Let us know if this would work for you!