Quiz in Slido pluggin for PowerPoint

  • 5 December 2023
  • 2 replies

When attempting to create a Slido quiz in PowerPoint, I can’t connect the questions under one quiz leaderboard.  Rather it appears that each slide is an independent quiz.  I also tried to add quiz questions through, but could not get the questions to load when launching slido through PPT. 

Is it possible to create and run a quiz with leaderboarding in PowerPoint, or do you have to run the online version?

2 replies

Hi Vic the Slick,

same here, I do have the identical problem. If you (or anybody else) found any sort of solution to this I’d appreciate the work-around or straightforward solution :) I love to integrate Slido into PowerPoint and it feels clumsy to switch to my browser for the quiz.

Otherwise: Dear Slido-team, is there any chance that you guys might be working on this soon?

Okay, found out that while actually the integration into PowerPoint implements one slide per quiz-question, it nevertheless serves as one big quiz whatsoever. Just gave it a try and it works as it should - no need to switch to any browser, the leaderboard includes all questions. All good :)