Slido doesn't show up in PowerPoint

  • 3 December 2021
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Hi all,

I experience problem after update is done on Slido add-in. It asked me to make an update while I was using PowerPoint and since then it doesn’t show up as add-in icon on Home tab.

I tried with reinstalling, repairing, also with SlidoforAdmin but it doesn’t come up and even making changes in registry editor but still nothing. Only thing that I notice is when parameters in registry editor changes, add-in transferes from inactive to active add-ins and becomes active in list of add-ins in PowerPoint. Following, check box is checked when I try to enable Slido but unfortunately there is no luck.

Is there any solution that I can try to manage it or I just have to wait for new Slido update?

Thank you in advance

2 replies

I have the exact same problem and I do NOT know how to solve the problem!

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Hello @Sparx-Catharina 

would it be possible to get a logs for us and approach our team? They would be able to confirm what is causing this. 

Here is how you can get logs: 

How to get logs

  1. Click Start, type Slido and launch it
  2. Right-click the “S” icon in the system tray (bottom-right corner)
  3. Select Get logs
  4. Attach the generated .zip file to the email

🎥 Watch a how-to video