Slido with PowerPoint Live

  • 29 March 2022
  • 6 replies

Does Slido work with PowerPoint Live?

6 replies

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Hi @Marpiwil,

No, our PowerPoint integration does not work with PowerPoint live at the moment.

You can try our Google Slides integration instead or you can switch between your presentation and Slido using the three-finger swipe on Mac or Alt+Tab on Windows. Would that work for you?

Hope this helps! 🤗

Can you advise when PowerPoint integration will work with PowerPoint live? Is it being worked on?

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Hi @moxo

There are no plans to implement this at the moment. I will pass this on as feedback. 

As my colleague has suggested above, Our Google Slides integration would be a good workaround for this. 

Hope this helps! 

Is there any news on this?

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Hey @moxo,

Not as far as I’m aware but we will update this space if anything changes. You can also subscribe to our product news here to receive product updates.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Marpiwil,

we do not support running Slido with PowerPoint Online, PowerPoint Live or PowerPoint Viewer apps.

You must have Slido for Windows installed on each computer where your want to edit or present document with Slido integrated.


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