Slido with PowerPoint Live

Does Slido work with PowerPoint Live?


Best answer by Meggie from Slido 31 March 2022, 15:23

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Hi @Marpiwil,

No, our PowerPoint integration does not work with PowerPoint live at the moment.

You can try our Google Slides integration instead or you can switch between your presentation and Slido using the three-finger swipe on Mac or Alt+Tab on Windows. Would that work for you?

Hope this helps! 🤗

Can you advise when PowerPoint integration will work with PowerPoint live? Is it being worked on?

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Hi @moxo

There are no plans to implement this at the moment. I will pass this on as feedback. 

As my colleague has suggested above, Our Google Slides integration would be a good workaround for this. 

Hope this helps! 

Is there any news on this?

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Hey @moxo,

Not as far as I’m aware but we will update this space if anything changes. You can also subscribe to our product news here to receive product updates.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Marpiwil,

we do not support running Slido with PowerPoint Online, PowerPoint Live or PowerPoint Viewer apps.

You must have Slido for Windows installed on each computer where your want to edit or present document with Slido integrated.


Best regards,

Any change from Slido on this?  Ive fought really hard with my IT dept to let me have slido as a trial and to find out it doesnt work in PPTX live is a real bummer. Everyone in my very large organisation (The biggest RTO in the Southern hemisphere) uses MS Teams and PPTX live. Was hoping to spread slido as a big presentation tool breakthrough. Disappointed :(

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Hi @DaveC,

I’m so sorry for the trouble with PowerPoint Live. We’ve used this feature too a few times while testing Teams and we loved it.

However, Microsoft currently doesn’t offer an option to use any kind of add-in while presenting through PowerPoint Live in Teams. The only work around would be to screen your slideshow while presenting.
We raised this as a topic with them as we’d love to integrate this way due to convenience but we have no additional information right now and so no ETA but I will pass this on to the team. 

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with


Hi @Cori from slido,

Can I just clarify that this is just about the specific PowerPoint Live function for linking a PPT file into a Teams call; presumably if you were just to start a PPT presentation as if it weren’t connected to Teams, and then have Teams share your screen showing the slides, this would bypass the “PowerPoint Live” integrated Teams feature altogether and it’s just like regular PPT integration?

    - Simon

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@UoS Learning Services Team Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s the specific PowerPoint Live function where Microsoft currently does not allow add-ins (like Slido). Presenting with PowerPoint and simply sharing your screen on Teams works just fine 👍

Yes, but leaves all of us that enjoy the ppt Live features such as being able to display presentation and presenter side by side without these features. 
please push MS for access.