Anonymous user can see answers from other users after submitting a poll with error

  • 27 October 2023
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We have created a poll on slido for WebEx and two anonymous users responded with the following problem:

  1. using this slido poll
  2. after submitting the poll, an error occurred and submit failed.
  3. the user could not proceed and saw in one form field (e.g. 17/41) the answers from other anonymous users
  4. in image below, only the red frame was the response from the user. the rest was not his/her content!!
  5. two users reported that problem on the same day (27.10.2023 between 0800-1200 CET)

That does not sound right and is a vulnerability/privacy concern. Please help us understand what caused such a malfunction and is this a known limitation of slido?




3 replies

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Hey @Christian S. Nobs ,

Could you check whether you have that Open Text Poll presenting the Poll Results? The screenshot here shows an Open Text Poll with the Present Results option highlighted. If you un-click this option it will remove the results from that poll from displaying for the participants. All participants would be seeing the same result as well only if a few people have reported it.

For further troubleshooting please feel free to start a chat with our support team or email


@Carly from Slido 

thanks for the information. Indeed that was the problem. The ‘present single poll’ was activated for question 17/41. 

The user experience in this case is flawed. The user should get the message ‘Thank you for your response!’ - see screenshot

→ instead the user sees the open text poll responses - see screenshot and NO confirmation!


Impact: user does not have a confirmation that poll is received. Instead the user sees results from other users, which is confusing and unexpected.

Proposed Solution: Display the response confirmation first and clearly separate the results for a question on mobile/web.

Thanks for sharing this feedback with the PO of the dev team.



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Hey @Christian S. Nobs ,

Glad that was the setting causing confusion and is resolved!

From your second screenshot, there is the “Edit Response” option missing, which is the confirmation to the Participant that their submission has been sent when there is a Result being displayed. 

We will flag this request to the team though as feedback on your behalf for consideration.

Let us know if you have any other questions.