Anyone can launch Slido during a Webex meeting

  • 30 May 2022
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Participants in a Webex meeting can launch Slido without the need of being a meeting host. Anyone can open their existing Slido polls and Q&A, or create them from scratch during a meeting. This is especially useful for facilitators who are not Webex hosts.

The host can remove or override a participant’s Slido anytime by stopping it or launching their own. They could also disable the option completely by turning off the Anyone can share functionality in their Webex settings.


If a host opens Slido first during the meeting, participants can’t launch their own.

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Essential Requirements
  • Slido needs to be approved and enabled in the Webex Control Hub by a full Webex admin
  • Webex desktop App version 41.6 or later on Windows or macOS.
  • The following domains need to be allowed in your network firewall:,, *,, *,
Current Limitations of the Webex and Slido integration
  • Only one participant can activate Slido per meeting
  • If a participant launches Slido, only the host can override this action by stopping the participant’s Slido or opening their own Slido
  • After a host adds Slido, participants are unable to launch their own
  • Anyone can share’ option needs to be enabled in Webex meeting settings
  • Not available in Webex Webinars
  • Not available in Webex Events
  • Space meetings are not supported yet
  • Webex shared devices and personal devices for hosts are not supported yet
  • Not available for FedRAMP and end-to-end encrypted meetings

Check the following article to understand different Slido and Webex roles.


How it works: Participant perspective

Once the host starts the meeting, any participant including facilitators, cohosts, guest collaborators and speakers can launch Slido. 


To launch Slido as a participant: 

  1. Go to Apps and click Slido
    Or, click the three horizontal dots next to chat and select Slido (polling and Q&A)

  2. Select your existing Slido or create a new one

  3. Launch your prepared poll or create a new one right away. You can also enable Q&A if preferred.  

    Participant perspective: Launching a poll as a participant


Learn more about how to use Slido in Webex Meetings


To prevent someone making Slido live for everyone accidentally, you’ll need to confirm launching a poll or enabling Q&A one more time: 


Confirmation message for the participant before they launch a poll or enable Q&A


Once a poll is launched or Q&A enabled, Slido will be visible for everyone in the meeting. Other participants and the host will be able to ask questions (if Q&A was enabled) and vote in polls.


How it works: Host perspective


As a meeting host, you can: 

  • Stop a participant’s Slido
  • Override it completely by launching your own Slido or 
  • Disable Slido for participants by turning off the ‘Anyone can share’ option in Webex Meetings. 


Stop a participant’s Slido

Once a participant launches a poll or enables Q&A, you as a host will see the option to “Stop Slido” in the sidebar.  

Stopping a participant’s Slido

Once you do so, the participant’s Slido is still active in the Webex meeting, and the same participant can launch another poll. You will be able to stop it again. 

If you wish to collaborate in their Slido, you can request access to it. Or, you can use your own Slido which will override the current participant’s Slido.  

Using your own Slido instead of participant’s

You can request access to Slido only if the participant who launched it is from the same Webex organization. 


Override a participants’s Slido

To override a participant’s Slido:

  1. Go to Apps or three horizontal dots
  2. Select Slido from All (apps)
  3. Choose your existing Slido or create a new one
    Overriding participant’s Slido


If you initiate Slido before any participant, or if you override Slido launched by a participant, no one else in the meeting will have the option to start their Slido afterwards. They will see “Only a host can see this panel” message when clicking Apps > Slido or three dots > Slido (polling and Q&A).

All participants will be able to interact in your polls and ask questions (if Q&A was enabled).


Disable the Anyone can share option

You can disable Slido for participants completely by turning off the ‘Anyone can share’ option in your Webex Meetings Settings. Please note, that this will also disable the ability for participants to share their screen. 



How it works: Cohost perspective

During a Webex meeting, cohosts can vote vote in polls or ask questions in an active Slido. As a cohost you get an automatic option to request collaborator access to Slido from Apps, n​​​​​o matter if Slido is launched by a participant or the host.

Once you go to Apps > Slido and click request access, you will see the ‘pending’ message until the request is approved. 

Requesting access to an active Slido


After your access is granted, you’ll be able to activate and deactivate polls or moderate Q&A in the active Slido. As a collaborator, you can no longer vote in polls and ask questions from Webex sidebar.



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