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  • 24 August 2020
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As the owner or admin under the license, you can set the team roles and permissions when inviting new colleagues to join your team but also later on when you already have a list of people with access to your team account. You can also manage other members' events.

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Edit roles


Log in to your account, go to your Team tab and click the three-dot menu next a selected user to change their role. Choose one of the three options: admin, user, or owner. 



You can learn more about the differences between various roles in this article.



Deactivate or reactivate a team member


If your account uses Team management, one of the available features is to deactivate and reactivate your team members.


This feature is especially useful when you don't want to delete the existing data and created events of your team members, but you'd like to use their seats in the organization for someone else. The ability to free up a paid seat without losing data makes this feature perfect if you're rotating seats in your organization or simply want an easy way for people to try out Slido internally.


Only the organization Owner and Admins can deactivate team members. This feature isn't available if you're using member provisioning.

You can deactivate a team member in a few simple steps. Once you do so, they'll receive a confirmation email.

  1. Open the Team tab in Slido Admin
  2. Open the three-dot menu next to a user you wish to deactivate
  3. Hit Deactivate member and confirm



When a team member is deactivated, their seat becomes available. They will remain the owner of all events created by them but will lose access to the event until reactivated.

To reactivate a team member:

  1. Open the Team tab in Slido Admin
  2. Open the three-dot menu next to a user you wish to reactivate
  3. Hit Reactivate member and confirm

Once you do so, they'll receive a confirmation email.




When a team member is reactivated, they will reoccupy a seat and they can again manage their already existing events and create new ones.

Member statistics

When you deactivate a member, their number of events and engagement will reset back to zero within an hour after deactivation. Similarly, if the member is reactivated, their statistics will refresh in an hour after the reactivation.


Remove access


If you no longer need help from your admins or colleagues, simply remove them from your team. You can then choose who will be the new owner of the removed user's events.




If you're the Owner or Admin of the organization, you can also delete or transfer events of other members of the organization before removing them from the license. If you're a User in the organization, you can only delete your own events.


Delete or transfer other member's events


If you need to delete or transfer only one specific event of some member of your organization, simply find the respective event under the Events tab, open its menu and hit Delete.




If you're a User in the organization, you can only delete your own events

If needed, you can delete or transfer all events owned by a specific member of your organization at once.

  1. In the Team tab, find the member whose events you wish to delete
  2. Open the three-dot menu and click on Member’s events
  3. Select Delete all events from the three-dot menu



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