Slido Community Guidelines

  • 1 October 2020
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Welcome to Slido Community! 💚


We’re excited to be co-creating this space with all of you, our Slido users, partners and friends to share knowledge, collaborate and connect with one another.


These guidelines are here to make sure that all of us have a pleasant experience and to help us understand how to act and what to expect from others in this space.


👉 Your participation here is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.


Here are some general pointers

  • Ask questions, learn best practices and discuss meeting/event challenges

  • Get to know and network with like-minded professionals

  • Take part in discussion and share your own use-cases

  • Stay up to date with the product and Slido as a company


Before you jump in to creating topics and participating in discussions, please remember:


Be respectful

At Slido, we strive to make meetings and events as inclusive as possible by giving everyone a voice, and this applies to our community as well. In the age of vocal opinions, we ask that you be respectful and considerate of each other. Please do not post hateful or rude content.  

If you’re unsure whether a comment was sarcastic or rude, assume it came from a good place. So before judging, or jumping to conclusions - ask. There are no stupid questions. 


Dive right in

Our Slido team will be sharing helpful content, like product updates, new webinars or inspirational blog posts. However, this community is really about you. Don’t be shy to open a new topic or post, this place is for you to share your insights and learn from each other. 


Protect your data

Restrain from posting customer data or any data considered as sensitive. Your passwords and credentials are personal, no need to share those with anyone. Remember anything you share is public for all to see.  Also, copyrighted content isn’t something that should be shared without permission, so always double check before posting. 


Don’t spam

We understand that some content is too good to be shared only once. However, please do not repeat the same topic multiple times or post links to personal websites or advertising. 

We are here to learn, share and grow. We’re not selling any products and ask the same. 

If you see a suspicious post, please do not click on any links it may contain. Email to report any suspected spam. 


Before you ask...

We’ve got a  bunch of experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the community. Check their thoughts and insights before asking or posting. When searching for a specific subject, entries from both our Help Center and Community will show up. If you still can’t find the right answer, please ask!

If it’s time sensitive, reach out to our amazing Customer Care team at They will be happy to help!