Using Slido for a team's project

  • 13 June 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi Community! Any chance I could use Slido with our team to reach an agreement? I run a team’s project and we spend a lot of time discussing opinions. I was thinking about using a Yes/No poll. Any tips on how I can pull this off?

3 replies

hi Adil!

this is a good one! to make things easier I usually just create a quick poll on the go and use the rating type of poll. for example: on a scale from 1-6, how excited are you about this opportunity, and then people just click the stars. 

I haven’t tried the yes/no polls as I feel like these would just kill the conversation? has anyone tried these, would love to hear your experience!


I did! :D

As a manager, it’s important for me to know where everyone stands with the decision that’s about to be made. I usually use Yes/No poll to get fast and clear results. If the results aren’t unanimous, it shows we either need to go back to the drawing board or if there are just a couple of votes with an opposing opinion, I’ll ask those people to speak up and share their thoughts. This can result in really meaningful discussions that prevent frustration from building down the line.

I have a different opinion. I don’t mind Yes/No polls or ratings, but those are not so democratic and quick as I would want. Decisions can take ages, people argue etc. 

When my team needs to decide about which path we’re going to take, we run a ranking poll. We put the considered options as choices and ask people to rank options according to their preferred one. It shows them listed on Slido and it gives each response a score so nobody can argue, everyone could decide and we move on.