Using Slido for smaller meetings

  • 11 June 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi all! Do you use Slido in smaller meetings? If so, how? I’m looking for inspiration. Slido works great at our all hands and town hall meetings, but we haven't found that much use for it in a smaller setup yet.

2 replies

This is so funny, we actually don’t use slido for big meetings like allhands, I should really talk to our internal comms people :D 


I use slido for running brainstorming sessions for about 5 people tops so pretty small! We use the Ideas feature and then do exercises like rapid brainstorming where we just dump all our thoughts in the event and then just upvote the ones that we like and want to use later. It’s great because even the ideas that didn’t get upvoted are saved in the event and we usually go back to them after some time. Also my team is remote so it’s super efficient to just give everyone 5 mins to put everything in slido on their own instead of us shouting at each other on zoom and one person taking the notes!

Good tip, Jeff! Never heard of Ideas feature. I might give it a try too.

I recently read an article somewhere on Slido about retrospectives. As I run a team of 10 ppl, I wanted to give it a try. Our way of doing that was a bit clunky. 

You can use a survey feature for that. Slido suggested to send it prior to the meeting so I did that. I must say it saved us a lot of time + I received most of the inputs upfront, which was great for me as a meeting host. No awkward moments, if you know what I mean :D During the meeting, we went through responses. Now I have inputs + have them saved.