How do you delete/hide the Leaderboard after a quiz round?

  • 21 March 2023
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How do you delete/hide the Leaderboard after a quiz round? (It automatically populated and doesn’t have a delete function in the three buttons to the right. 

7 replies

Similar issue.

Even though I’ve not selected “show leaderboard” option while creating the quiz, it still displays the leaderboard after the quiz answers are shown.


How do I turn that off?

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Hi, @Reid, 

great question! Currently, there’s no delete or hide function for leaderboard, but you can simply skip it at the end as a workaround. 

Let me explain how it works: 

After you’re done with presenting results for the last question, simply do not click the “Leaderboard” button, but click the red stop button to deactivate the quiz. This will prevent anyone from seeing the results. You can go back to the results anytime.  

Here’s an example:

Stop button in Slido admin


Stop button in Webex sidebar












Hope this helps!

If you have any outstanding questions, feel free to let me know. 

If you are presenting a quiz that in integrated into a power point presentation, is there a way to avoid the leaderboard from the power point itself or do I need to turn off the quiz from the website as instructed above?

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Hey @JAG ,

Have you marked “show leaderboard” in the settings of each poll? You can do this from in the event (not from PPT).

Let us know if this works, if it does not I would suggest following the above workaround.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Yes Show leaderboard is turned off for all questions in both the event and the ppt. The leaderboard still shows after the last question is asked. Is there a way to delete the leaderboard box that appears after the last question box in the event page? Or a different option so it doesn’t show?

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Hey @JAG , 

The leaderboard will always display after the last Quiz Question. Deactivating the Quiz after showing results before advancing.

Let us know if this would work for you.


Thank you!