How does the word cloud select which responses it displays?

  • 6 July 2022
  • 1 reply

How does word cloud select the responses it displays? I know it shows the most common responses as a bigger font but many of the responses only have 1 vote. It doesn't seem to post the most recent responses. Just asking since some responses, which had very different topics, weren't reflected on the main screen. Thanks!

1 reply

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Hey @Kay Gee,

You are right that the word cloud makes popular responses bigger but it also shows only up to 50 responses. Can you see if you have over 50 responses in your word cloud? This could be why the most recent ones aren’t showing up.

The word cloud also filters out words categorised as not meaningful or unacceptable. For example, the word ‘ok’ is categorised as not meaningful and so it is filtered by the algorithm and doesn’t show up. It’s set up this way to make sure that word clouds show the most meaningful responses.

Hope this helps :)