Random Number Generator / Random Spinner

  • 3 March 2023
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Hello Team, 

Is there a slido tool to add a randomizer or spinner?  

Usecase: I use slido to drive in person and online participant engagement.  Is there a way to generate a random number?  or a spinner or some kind?  

Thank you, 

3 replies


Hey @Chef_dd ,

This is not currently a feature supported in Slido but I can pass this along to the team as a feature request!

What would the spinner do? Would you mind explaining a bit of how you imagine it working? This will be helpful in the consideration of implementing it as a future feature.



hi, would be keen for something like this too.  just a way to pick names of the people who are attending the session, most visible way is to do a random name picker wheel

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Hi @thomasl,

Thanks for giving us an example - this is super helpful! 
I’ll make sure to pass this on to our product team. Just to manage your expectations, this is not something we’re currently exploring at Slido but I’ll make sure to update you if it comes up.