What plan do I need for users to only vote once?

  • 22 September 2021
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I am organizing a song contest. The visitors have to choose from 20 participants, 3 that they think are the best. We don't want them to be able to change their choice after voting. They should not be able to vote again, when they refresh the website. And is there a fraud check built in? 


Are these options in Slido and which subscription should I have?

1 reply

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Hi @Marc_Olck

I understand you would like to exclude any fraud and have a honest voting. 

If participants refresh the website, they won’t have the possibility to vote again. However, they can open the event on a different device and/or browser and that would allow them to cast more votes. 

If you don’t lock the voting, they will be able to change their votes. 

What you can do is, run the poll but lock the voting, give your audience time to think about their submissions, then unlock the voting, give them max 1-2mins and then lock the voting again. 

Alternatively, you can restrict access to your event to a specific domain or specific emails addresses. Meaning, only those who are added to the event can access it. The feature is available from our Professional plan and you can read more about it here 

As for the built in fraud check - yes. If an event receives a very unusual high amount of votes within an extremely short period of time, we are alerted. 

Would these options work for you?