Who can launch polls within WebEx?

  • 15 September 2023
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Can anyone offer clarification here in terms of who (host, co-host, presenter) can launch polls within a WebEx? I remember reading at some point that only certain roles can launch polls or that co-hosts must request permission, but I cannot find that article anymore and I am trying to train some new facilitators.


Let me give an example: We had a host start our WebEx and launch our first poll (which is a poll for which I shared access with her). Later in the morning, I wanted to share a poll (I was a co-host at that point) but could not access my list of polls from my account - my assumption is that Slido was still running under HER account. If so, can she “logout” of Slido while remaining host of the WebEx meeting and, if so, will I then be able to pull up Slido as the co-host?


Don’t know if this question makes sense, but I’ll see if anyone has any thoughts.





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Hello @Eric G,

let me share with you the article as it has also very useful pictures and gifs showing how it works.