Work Better Together: Slido’s Product Team Reveals Latest Innovations in the Recent Product Event

  • 24 January 2024
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Work Better Together: Slido’s Product Team Reveals Latest Innovations in the Recent Product Event
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In our most recent Product Event, Slido showcased a collection of exciting updates that will revolutionize the way you collaborate and engage during virtual meetings. 


Our dedicated product teams have been hard at work, introducing long awaited features such as the new Zoom and PowerPoint for Mac integrations, advanced AI capabilities, and a faster, more intuitive product interface. 🎉


Missed the Event? Catch Up Here!

If you couldn't attend live, don't worry! You can catch a glimpse of the excitement by watching the recorded session and access the presented slide deck here.




We have also answered all the remaining questions in the Slido Q&A - so please check there for your answers. 


A Dive into the Newest Features

Our event's agenda was carefully curated to provide insights into the development process behind each feature. Product Marketing Managers took center stage, offering a demo to showcase the introduced innovations.

Those were unveiled under the theme of “Work Better Together,” a guiding principle that shaped the teams’ work over the past months. 

What makes these updates truly remarkable is their dual functionality: not only do they facilitate efficient collaboration within teams, but they also seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow. The ultimate goal is to empower users to achieve more effortlessly and collaboratively, leveraging the tools they already rely on.


Ready to Dive In Further? Join Our Webinars!

If you're eager to explore the latest integrations but unsure where to start, register for one of our upcoming webinars on our events page. Let our experts guide you through a step-by-step training on Slido for Zoom, PowerPoint, Teams and Webex. 

As Slido continues to evolve, we appreciate your ongoing interest and support and hope to see you at some of our future events. 

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