What are the character limits for polls and Q&A?

  • 18 November 2021
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Knowing the character limits in Slido might be useful when creating your polls or submitting a question as a participant. 


Here’s the overview of limits in Slido: 


General event limits


Item Limit
Event code (hashtag) 3-32 characters
Event name Unlimited characters
Displayed event name in the app header (Participant mode) Max. 45 characters (depends on screen resolution)
Displayed event name in the side menu Max 70 characters (depends on screen resolution)
Polls 100 polls or 100 000 characters per room
(or per event with a single room) 
Multiple Rooms 200 rooms
Multiple Rooms Name Depends on screen resolution
Participant name in the app 64 characters
Logo 32 MB



Polls limits


Item Limit
Poll question 256 characters
Poll description 256 characters
Survey name 512 characters
Poll session name 255 characters
Multiple-choice poll option 256 characters
Open text poll answer 10 000 characters
Words displayed in a Word Cloud 50 most common answers
Depends on a screen resolution - both Present mode and Participant mode
Poll questions per Quiz 100 polls per Quiz



Q&A limits


Item Limit
Question length 160 characters by default
Can be changed to 240 or 300 with Professional plans and higher
Replies Reflects the question length
Admin Replies 1 000 characters 
Question Label 32 characters
Question labels per event unlimited



Ideas and Agenda limits


Item Limit
Idea topic 256 characters
Agenda session name 255 characters
Agenda session description  Unlimited characters
Agenda 'company and role' field Unlimited characters



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Will the limit for poll question character limit ever be increased? I like to ask polls in class but 256 characters is actually quite restricting. 

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Hi @Swerdna,

We are not planning to increase this at the moment but you could try adding poll descriptions to have more characters.

While creating your poll, simply select ‘Poll description' on the right-hand side and type in your additional text. This lets you add 256 more characters below the poll question.

Hope this helps :)