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  • 16 November 2023
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With Audience Q&A, attendees can use their devices or computers to send their questions into Slido. They’re also able to upvote questions submitted by other participants. 

It's a simple and effective way to crowdsource the most popular topics. You’ll easily see what people are genuinely the most interested in.


Participants can submit questions anonymously, but some Slido plans allow you to require names. More information about this is in our Participant Privacy guide.


In this article:



Ask your audience to join your slido and submit questions


Once you create a slido, invite your audience to join it. People can join your slido by using the slido code, direct link, or QR code.

The most common way to join is for people to go to and enter the code of your slido session.


Make sure the slido dates you set up match the actual date because your participants can only use the code during these days​​​


Join with a code at



Besides the slido code, you can invite people by sharing a direct link to your slido session – or by sharing its QR code. Both options are found under the Share menu in the upper right corner. 


Get the direct link or QR code for your event


Your slido’s direct link and QR code are not bound by event dates. This allows you to collect questions before the live dates in order to learn what’s most relevant to your audience.


Once someone joins the event, they can start submitting and upvoting questions immediately. The Q&A is unlimited and so participants will be able to submit as many questions as they wish.


By default, they’ll have the option to submit anonymously or with their name



Manage audience questions


Managing questions is easily done directly from host mode. Below are the three most important actions when doing so:

  1. Highlight the question that’s being answered so that it gets more attention.
  2. Mark the question as answered once you don’t want to display it anymore. You can then view those questions in the Archive folder.
  3. Change the order of the questions. By default, the questions will be sorted by their popularity, but you can change this to have the most recent questions at the top.
Managing audience Q&A


And here’s how a highlighted question appears for your audience:


Participant view of highlighted question


With some paid plans, you can also moderate your Q&A. This allows you to review every question before it goes live for everyone.



Topics for Q&A


Our topics feature allows your participants to navigate and filter questions in a more structured way during a Q&A session. Topics are visible in participant mode only and they’re automatically generated if and when the below criteria are met:

  • A topic must first be identified by the system using common words or phrases within at least 3 questions, and then
  • There must be at least 20 questions, or…
  • At least 3 topics generated, regardless of the number of questions


Here’s what it looks like for participants:


Participant view of topics


A few things to keep in mind for Q&A topics:

  • Topics are generated using only live questions – archived questions won’t be included
  • Questions need to be in English
  • Slido generates Q&A Topics using its own machine learning model. During this process, the data does not leave our infrastructure and is not exposed to any third parties.



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