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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Once you create a poll or survey, activating it allows participants to cast their votes.


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Activate a poll


Activate your poll by selecting it from under My interactions and clicking the green Start interaction button near the bottom of the page.


How to activate a poll


As participants begin sending in their responses, you’ll see the live results on the right side of your screen. Plus the results will also be displayed in the Present mode.


Pro tip: Quickly activate any of your polls by hovering over them under My interactions and clicking the green Play button.


Slido polls are designed to be activated one at a time. If you’d like to have multiple polls live at the same time, please see our guide for doing just that.



Activate a survey


Surveys are activated just like any other poll. However, because surveys include multiple questions, activating them will present all poll questions to your participants at the same time.


If you’d like to display your survey results for participants to see, you can do so one poll at a time. Just click the eye icon next to the poll question. This will present the results for your participants to see on their own devices, as well as in your Present mode.


Display results for survey questions one at a time



Helpful tips


  • Activate your polls and surveys from Present mode
    Slido’s Present mode includes a control panel in the bottom right corner. You can manage all polls, surveys, quizzes, and Q&A directly from there. See our guide for more details.
  • Hide your poll results
    If you’d rather not present your poll results for all to see, you can set them as hidden. Doing this will make the results visible to you as the host, but not for anyone else.
  • Lock your poll voting
    Sometimes you may want to stop any new votes from coming in, but still keep discussing and displaying the results. You can do this by locking the voting.




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7 replies

Is there an option to keep polls activated for a couple of days?

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Hi @Servion,

Of course, if you just keep your poll active in your admin - it won’t deactivate until you do it. Your participants will be able to access it for as long as your event is active.

If you’d like to leave multiple polls active at the same time though, you’ll need to put them all together into a survey, and leave the survey activated. This way, your participants will answer one poll after another and then submit their answers.


Please let me know if my explanation makes sense or if you need more help 😊

Is it possible to reactivate a survey once you have stopped it?


I have a follow-on query to this. We have purchased a one-time Sildo event to use at a conference. If we setup a post-event survey with Slido will it only work until the scheduled end of the event? I would like the survey to remain open for a week.


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Hi @volvic and @JBA_George

Sure, You can select the survey in your admin through the event and select reactivate from the hamburger menu on the left or simply the green launch button. You just need to ensure that this event is still active. 

As for a one time event, your survey will run up until the end of the 7 days, providing it’s active. If you did want to leave it up a little longer, you can alternatively share a permanent link to your survey which is designed to collect feedback once your meeting is over 🙂.

Let me know if this helps! 

Hi. I am using Slido during a conference, with a separate room for each session to keep Q&As organised. Can I set up a feedback survey/poll to cover the entire conference, not having it reproduced room by room? Thanks!

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Hey @Simon Gatt ,

I would suggest for the Feedback Survey of ALL sessions/participants to create either a separate room just for the survey and you can share the direct link to the survey with the participants to gather overall responses in one place.

Let us know if this would work or if you have any other questions!