Add images to your polls or quiz questions

  • 24 August 2020
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Whether you wish to test the knowledge of your participants, gather their insights, or let them vote on an idea using an image, you can easily include it in your poll or quiz question.


Available in our Engage plan and higher.



Adding an image to your poll is simple:

  1. Go to Polls
  2. Select your Poll type
  3. Type in your question
  4. Click the picture icon and upload the image from your computer
  5. Alternatively, you can choose an image in the built-in library from Pexels or GIPHY, skipping step 4.

You can also choose whether you want to show the image with poll results (50:50) side-by-side in Present mode, or display them separately. 


We support all common graphic formats like .jpeg, .png, .webp, .gif, and .tiff, with a maximum size of 10 MB. Please note that the image will display as static after the upload (e.g. gifs won’t move). 

To add a picture to an existing poll, simply click the three vertical dots next to your poll and select Edit. You can change or delete your image anytime by clicking on it:


This is how your participants see an image poll:


Based on your settings, this is how it displays in Present mode:

Showing results separately


Showing image and results in one view



Curious about more?



25 replies

When I add a picture to the slide - it shows up in the middle of the slide - looks great. Sometimes.

Other times it ends up in the title of the slide and never goes back to the main image of the slide. I think this on purpose when I do “Show results”.

Is there a way to preview the slide without it moving the picture because the only way I can get the picture to be in the middle of the slide is to delete it and create a new one.


- Rob

In the Quiz function, if I create a question with pictures, then the answer options will not be displayed on the screen during presentation. 


Is there a way to display both question, picture and answer options in the presentation screen?


Thank you. 


Hi @Rybi,

thank you for your question regarding images in quiz.

Currently there is no way to display image and question/results at the same time, unfortunately.
However, our product team is working in this request and you can expect some update on the matter in the near future.



I would like to create a poll where participants just make a choice between 4 pictures (as an ice breaker using wether illustrations). Is it possible to do that ?

Thank you to all


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Hi @PhD-Paris,

Unfortunately, you can only upload one picture to an image poll and only have text as options for your participants to choose from.

As a workaround, we see a lot of our customers making a collage of multiple pictures and putting them in one, you can also put numbers or letters in the corners of each picture and then have these letters as options of the poll to click on. 


Please let me know if my explanation makes sense! :) 

OK. Thank you : I’ll do that…


A pretty important function that still does not work. I hope it’s fixed soon. 

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Hi @George8,

I have some great news for you! Slido now displays both the picture and the results side-by-side in Present Mode for both quizzes and polls. 

Try it out and please let us know if you have any feedback 😊 

Dear Alex.   I built a PowerPoint quiz on Wednesday night and the description you give above didn’t work.  If you have just upgraded it then I’ll try it.  




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Hi, @George8, thanks for getting back to us.

Although the option Alex mentioned is not available directly in PowerPoint, you can set up the view in Slido admin. Just log in to your account at and then: 

  1. Select your event (Slido session in PowerPoint)
  2. In Live Polls tab, click the three vertical dots next to your image poll and click ‘Edit
  3. Under the image choose ‘Show image and results side by side


In case you find it useful, here you can find more information about polls with images: 


Hope this helps! 


Dasa from Slido

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Hi, @rbergin,

I moved your post here to give you an update: it is now possible to display poll results together with an image! When creating a poll, you can simply select to show the image with poll results (50:50) side-by-side in Present mode as explained in the article. 

Hope it helps!

Hi, I’d like to add a picture when the results are revealed - as part of the answer. Is there a way to do this or a workaround that will allow me to share this picture (but not before voting has closed)?

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Hi, @F_iona

Do I understand it correctly, that you would like to display the picture after the voting is done, e.g. to explain the results? If so, then although it’s a great idea, we do not have this option for our polls at the moment. 

To make sure our product teams take this suggestion for consideration in the future, I’m forwarding this as a feature request to them. Please, if you do have any more details about your use case, we’d appreciate your feedback.

Hello there,

  • Could you kindly share the exact specs for uploading an image into a poll question? For instance how many pixels the image should be to fit properly and fully into the side window for the “show image results side by side” option without having a space on top and  bottom of the image  ?
  • Also the above guidelines show two options which have been updated to “show image results side by side” or “show image before results” 🙂 I understand that refers to the same thing but initially it was confusing
  • On the “show image before results” if I hide the results the image initially appears on the bottom in a large image and then when I show the results the image appears next to the question (with the results on the bottom) in a small window however the image is cut. Could you please again share what the exact specs required for this would be so the image would appear in full?

Many thanks & Kind Regards


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Hi @VMteam,

Great questions all round! :)

Images with an aspect ratio of (or close to) 3:2 are the best fit for image polls. Slido is designed to fit your image as best as it can, but having no space at the top or bottom is almost impossible.

Thank you for pointing out the outdated picture! We are now in the process of updating our pictures and gifs, so we’ll keep this one in mind.

Let me know if you need anything else.


On other platforms in the past, I was able to create multiple choice polling questions that I can lay out any way I want, with images, additional text, etc. For example (I teach biology), I would show an image of a cellular structure relevant to the quesiton, or include reference values needed for calculating an answer. 

I can’t find any way to customize Slido slides in this way…the only customization options are background images and colors. How can I add images and text laid out in a useful/rational manner to the question slides? It’s pretty useless to me without this ability. Thanks!


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Hi @michaelh,

Sure! You can certainly add images to polls, however, this is only available from our engage plan and above. As a teacher of Biology, it sounds like you would be eligible for our education plans which have their own pricing here

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with! 


Thanks for your answer. I am using an education license provided by my university. From what I can see, there is an option to add a single image, which appears as a small thumbnail next to the question. There is no option to add or format text other than in the question field, or to change the layout of the question slide. Am I missing options somewhere?


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Hi @michaelh

In that case, we only have the two options for images, which is to display either next to results or before results. 

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful here! I will pass this on as feedback to the wider team. 


Hi @Dasa from Slido FYI, 


This option still does not work as intended, the image is still displayed on the participants screen when the question is being asked, not when the answer is shown.

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Hi @gwilli

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues here. Would you be able to send any screenshots you have of what is happening when you present to Our care team are here 24/5 and are able to assist with more technical issues. 

Hope this helps! 

Let me know if you have any questions.

What dimensions should the poll image be?  

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Hey @Ben S. ,

When using an image in a poll and you’re displaying it together with the poll options, to be able to fill up the whole space (have no grey spaces above and below the picture), you would need to use an image with ratio 600x825. Alternatively 600x800 and we would customize the Present mode to fill up the whole space.

For the second option this would be a paid plan customization we can help with at If you’re on a paid plan reach out to us asking about this!

Let us know if this helps!


I just bought engage plan. there is no picture icon. 

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Hey @innoclip ,

Could you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? Are you wanting to add an image to a Poll?

I look forward to helping resolve this!