Introducing Pexels in Slido: Bring Your Polls to Life with Free Images by Pexels 🖼️

  • 20 January 2023
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Introducing Pexels in Slido: Bring Your Polls to Life with Free Images by Pexels 🖼️
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Slido has teamed with Pexels - the source of free images, to bring creativity to your live polls.

You can now choose from the hundreds of thousands freely-usable pictures and add any image to your poll in one click!

Excited? So are we!


Here’s how Pexels work in Slido:

  1. Create a poll.

  2. Click ‘Upload an image’.

  3. Choose your preferred image from the library.

  4. Hit save.

A screenshot from the Slido admin showing how one can add an Unsplash image to a Slido poll


Once you’re ready to run the poll, display it on full screen and encourage your audience to vote. You can manage your polls easily via the handy control panel at the bottom of your screen.


A screenshot of a Slido multiple choice poll featuring an image from Unsplash


👍 Tip

Keep the poll results hidden while your teammates send in their votes. Only once you’re ready to display the voting results on screen, hit ‘Show results’.



Why should you try Pexels in Slido?

If you have previously used Slido’s image polls, the Pexels integration will provide you with an additional advantage - besides uploading your own image into a poll, you will now be able to choose from a vast library of readily available images.

If you’ve never used an Image poll in Slido, here are some benefits:

  • Visual appeal. Uploading an image to your poll or quiz will make it more visually appealing and elevate your presentation.

  • Ease of use. The process of adding an image to your poll is incredibly easy, it only takes a few seconds.

  • No preparation time needed. Just think of an image you’d like to place in your poll, search for the right keyword, and pick your favorite image from the Pexels library.

Higher engagement - Slido users who used images in their polls or quizzes declared that engagement, as well as participation rate, were significantly higher


💡 Note

This feature is available in all our plans - including our Basic plan.


Limitations:  Not available with Google Slides, PowerPoint and Webex Integrations


👉 Try Pexels in Slido now 👈

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