What's new in Slido: December & January 2022 ❄️

  • 2 February 2022
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What's new in Slido: December & January 2022 ❄️
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We’re starting the New Year strong with plenty of new features and great updates!


None of this would be possible without you, our amazing users, and your most honest and valuable feedback.


Thank you 🤗





🤝 Cohost support for Webex - phase 2

  • Meeting cohosts and panelists can now request to manage Slido directly from the Webex sidebar during the meeting
  • No need to set up shared access in advance!



🔎 Filter your own events in Webex 

  • Slido owners and admins can now filter out only their own events directly in Webex sidebar



🔧 PowerPoint integration improvements (v1.0)

  • A new version on our PowerPoint integration (v1.0) is out!
  • It includes proactive notifications about potential issues of add-in, better detection of network connectivity and more


Live polls


🔴 Emoji support in Word cloud profanity filter

  • Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added new emojis to our profanity filter in Word Cloud
  • Following emojis are now automatically filtered out: 🍆 🍑 💩 🖕 👅 💦 🤬


📊 Survey results in Participant mode 

  • Participants are now able to see the survey results directly in Participant view
  • This includes mobile devices, Slido embed or video integrations


🔒 5k Quiz limit for participants

  • We’ve added a 5.000 participant limit for Quizzes to make sure that your Slido experience remains safe for all users
  • After the limit is reached, participants will simply be restricted from joining the event


⛅️ Word cloud improvements & unification

  • Our Word clouds can now show meaningful sentences containing up to 5 words, show diacritics and work with all emojis
  • All Word cloud data is also unified across Analytics, PDF exports, Slido App, Admin and Present mode




💰 PayPal removed from the checkout

  • Payment via PayPal is no longer supported for online payments in Slido Admin 
  • Payment via card is now the only option during checkout.


ℹ️ Announced end of support for IE 11 in Dec 2021

  • No more admin support for Internet explorer 11 as of December 1, 2021.


🇵🇹 New language in app - Portuguese



Let us know what you think about our latest updates in the comments below! 👇

1 reply

My company is just starting to use Sldio with WebEx and I have found a lot of good information posted here. Thank you for keeping everyone up to date on the newest and latest information.


Thanks so much!