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What's new in Slido: July 2023

  • 25 July 2023
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What's new in Slido: July 2023
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Schools out for the Summer break, but we’re still ticking over here at Slido, bringing you the latest improvements and releases in July’s product news! 🎉


🗣️Apps support for anonymous (guest) participants in Teams

Participants not logged in to their Microsoft accounts or guests that would usually need to join through a browser now get the full Slido experience. It's now seamless for guests to join Teams from a browser. No more switching between tabs!

Guest participants can now: 

  • Use the sidebar
  • Receive popups
  • See Present mode with share to stage on Microsoft Teams
    Guest participants in Teams


Schedule a Teams meeting with Slido and try it out or learn more about how to use Slido for Teams.

🖵 New Slido launch screen in Webex

To continue with the theme of updates, we have a new launch screen in Webex 🚀

Slido Q&A can now be added as an interaction to your meetings from the Webex sidebar. 

Slido in Webex

Q: What does this mean for you? 

A: This means, there are no tabs to switch between Polls and Q&A anymore. You can now add Q&A as an interaction alongside any type of poll, giving you a smoother experience. 


📝 Zoom is coming to Slido!



The wait is almost over. The Slido integration with Zoom is almost here and we’re very excited! 

Register your interest here!


That’s it for July.


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5 replies

so excited for the zoom integration!

When will this feature be available?

Present Mode in Webex Meetings

When you launch a poll, a green Share button appears. When you click it, you instantly start sharing Slido Present mode to your participants. After you click Stop sharing, you’re no longer sharing Present mode with participants.

Thank you :)

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Hey @SarahHarper1 ,

Thanks for your question!

This feature was set to be released in August but there were some issues that arose. There is not currently an ETA but we will adjust that release note with the date once we have it.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Anything in the pipeline about adding a much-needed CHAT feature to Slido?


Hey @TechProd,

There is no ETA on the chat feature within Slido.

In case there would be any changes regarding that, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Have a great day!