How to integrate Slido with Microsoft Teams

  • 24 August 2020
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Adding Slido to your Microsoft Teams meeting allows your audience to submit and upvote questions, vote in polls, or participate in surveys and quizzes directly in the Teams meeting window during your call.

This integration is available in all our plans.

Check out our FAQ article for answers to common questions, or troubleshooting tips. 


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Current Limitations of Microsoft Teams and Slido integration:
  • Instant Channel meetings are not supported by Microsoft
  • Participant emails are not captured in the Slido exports
  • Microsoft Teams Live events doesn’t support apps
  • The preview version of “New Teams” experience doesn’t support apps


Watch the demo video below or continue to step-by-step guide: 


​​​​​​​Add Slido to your Teams meeting


Use the Teams Calendar or Outlook to integrate Slido into Microsoft Teams in advance, or add Slido directly to your ongoing meeting. Please note that you have to add Slido individually to each meeting where you want to use it.

Slido in Teams works in a web browser and on iOS and Android devices, for both participants and hosts. If you have participants joining a Teams meeting from a different organization, make sure you’re using the latest desktop or web browser version and it should work perfectly!


Using Microsoft Teams calendar to add Slido 

To start, schedule a meeting in your Teams calendar, hit Save and open the meeting by clicking Edit.

You can then add Slido app to your meeting:

  1. Click the + button in the menu bar and choose Slido

  2. Then, log in with your Slido account or sign up

  3. Choose whether you wish to create a new Slido event or use an already existing one

  4. Add your interactions before the meeting directly from your calendar event​​​​​​​

Adding Slido on Microsoft Teams


Don’t see Slido among the apps? Please contact your IT department as there might be restrictions in place and Slido app needs to be whitelisted.


​​​​​​​​​​​Scheduling Slido in Outlook or on Microsoft Teams

Before you can add Slido to your meeting, you’ll need to schedule the meeting via Outlook first.

Once done, open the meeting in Teams Calendar and follow the steps in the previous section (Using Microsoft Teams calendar to add Slido).



Adding Slido to an ongoing Teams meeting

To add Slido during a Teams meeting, you can use the Add an app button.

Depending on your meeting policy, other meeting participants are able to add Slido to a specific meeting. You can set your preference in the Meeting options. 

Once the meeting starts:

  1. Click on the + button on the menu bar
  2. Select Slido from the list
  3. Log in to your Slido account or sign up
  4. Select your existing Slido event or create a new one

  5. Prepare your polls and Q&A
Adding Slido to an ongoing Teams meeting


Prepare your meeting

Afterwards, you can set up your polls and Q&A session as needed.

To add your polls, click the +Add button and select your preferred poll type. Q&A is added and open by default. You can also adjust the settings per poll and in Q&A. 

Preparing Slido in Microsoft Teams


If you’ve added Slido to your Teams meeting, the audience can see it on the right-hand side after clicking on the Slido button. The admin interface is visible only to you.


Collaborating on a meeting

Would you like to have several people control Slido as admins via our Microsoft Teams integration? If so, make sure you’ve added them as collaborators to the respective Slido event using our Share access feature. Simply log in to and select your Slido. 

Each user with admin access to a Slido event will also have admin access within the integration. This works both before the Teams meeting (in the tab) and during the Teams meeting (in the sidebar).


Run your meeting


During the meeting, Slido is visible both to you and the participants directly in the window during your call. You can manage Slido and the participants can interact with it without the need to switch the windows or apps.

This is how the integration works for your participants:

Sending responses and upvoting questions as a participant in Microsoft Teams sidebar 


Voting in your Teams meeting


When a poll is launched, a small pop-up window is opened for everyone to vote. When the poll is finished or deactivated, the pop-up disappears for you to continue with your meeting.


Slido popup for voting


Share Slido present mode to stage in Teams

You can now use the ‘share to stage’ button in Teams to show Slido in Present mode in the middle of the meeting window.

You can do this by selecting the arrow icon from the top right corner of the sidebar to share instantly.


Share to stage Slido Present mode


Use Slido in Teams with a PowerPoint presentation


You can seamlessly integrate Slido with into your PowerPoint presentation and automatically activate your polls and display Q&A for your participants in Teams as you progress through your slides. 

To run Slido with PowerPoint and Teams:​​​​​​​

  1. Add Slido to your PowerPoint presentation and prepare your interactions​​​​​​​
  2. During the meeting, open the same Slido in both PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams
  3. Screen share your presentation. 

Once you get to the Slido interaction slide, your polls will automatically activate for participants in Microsoft Teams to vote. To submit questions, your audience needs to open Slido from the upper Teams menu. 

Slido Present mode integrated to your presentation deck displays poll results and Q&A for everyone in a bigger format. 

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation with Slido interaction slide in Microsoft Teams 

For more detailed steps, read our Meeting organizer guide


Not using PowerPoint for your presentations? You can also integrate Slido with Google Slides


Use Slido outside of the meeting

If you want to collect questions in advance or after the meeting is over, you can add Slido to your Microsoft Teams channel

Create or select an event and other channel members can ask and upvote questions directly there, as shown below:

Using Slido in a channel

To access the Slido poll results from the meeting or run a feedback survey, you can open Slido from the meeting invite on the Teams calendar:

1. Open the meeting invite
2. Select Slido from the apps list

Opening Slido from a meeting invite


Remove Slido from Microsoft Teams


To remove Slido from your Microsoft Teams meeting, click on the three-dot menu from the sidebar and choose Remove.

Removing Slido from Microsoft Teams sidebar

Similarly, to remove Slido from your Teams channel, right click on the Slido icon in the top menu bar and choose Remove.

Removing Slido from your Teams channel


Frequently asked questions: 

Is it possible to use Webex credentials to log into Microsoft Teams? 
Yes, you can use your Webex login details for Teams. This option is not available for Slido organizations on US servers. 

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When using Slido in a Teams meeting, the box that pops up with the poll questions seems to be locked ontop of the screen where you view other participants on the call.  Is there a way to unlock this box so that it can be moved around?

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Hey @RWilliams ,

Sorry for this issue, I was able to test this and replicate what you are talking about. 

As a workaround, having the participants click on the Slido button on the top bar, will open the sidebar for the participant view of Slido, and can X out of the locked pop out window.

This will be reported as a bug and hopefully fixed within the following weeks.

If you would like to check on the process of this bug fix, please reach out to and we can update you from there.

Let us know if you would have any other questions!


Can you disable the pop up? This arrived as a surprise into a session we are giving, and our deck is not designed for this.

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Hey @JLP ,

The draggable popup is currently a feature request for Microsoft. Unfortunately, we cannot change that behaviour.

You can click out of it and use the Sidebar to interact with Slido for now.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Hey @JLP ,

The draggable popup is currently a feature request for Microsoft. Unfortunately, we cannot change that behaviour.

You can click out of it and use the Sidebar to interact with Slido for now.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you, someone in my company figured this out and shared the tip.


If the pop up was resizable perhaps it would be better…



Hi there,

If the app is integrated in our organisation and can be added via Teams to a meeting is there a limit in how many people can partake in the quiz? (We will have around 300 ppl in the meeting). Thank you in advance


Hey @mbruns

Sorry to hear that, this + button represents all Apps from Microsoft Teams, it’s not a Slido feature, but we’d still like try to help.

Can you please contact us on Or, open the live chat on so we can take this further.

Thank you in advance!