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  • 19 December 2022
  • 7 replies

Can I show just the QR code on a slide before the actual poll is shown for a multiple choice poll that we are going to look at later?

7 replies

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Hi @arielsimental

Yes, you can. If you set up the QR code, it will let the participants into the event, where all will then have access to the poll. 

let me know if you have any questions!

Hi, if I use only QR code, can I skip advertise screen, which shows as the next one on my device or it depend’s on my qr scanner app?


Hey @KRA ,

Are you meaning the Welcome screen which shows how to join the event?

You shouldnt need a QR scanner app as your phone camera should be able to detect and bring you to the Slido event from there.

If you should share the steps you’re taking and what you would like it to be that would be helpful in determining if this is possible!



So when I hit ‘present’ it will display the QR code along with the first question but I want ONLY the QR code showing. I thought at one time it was doing that but I could be wrong. How do you fix that?


Hey @teriwickware ,

If you want to display just the QR code when you hit present, you cannot have any polls active and there need to be no questions in Q&A (or you can turn off the Q&A for the moment).

Once you activate the poll or there are some questions, that is what present mode will be showing.

Hope this helps :) 

Hello, can I use different QR codes for all survey types?

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Hello @Anna Lobzhanidze,

I am not sure I understand your question completely. But we basically have one QR code for one Slido event. So in case you have multiple survey within this one Slido event then you would have one QR code. 

In case you would want to have multiple QR codes for each survey. Then each survey would have to be created under a separate Slido event