Duplicating and using Slido Questions at the same time

  • 1 May 2024
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What solution could be provided if multiple people are duplicating and using the slido question at the same time?  Would the person duplicating the question then need to update the Event Code # to a unique #, as i see from a different Q&A it stated this?  - ‘They can duplicate and use the event for themselves (just be sure the same exact Slido is not being used at the same time by multiple people as the polls being activated would interfere with each other).’   What would be the best practice for this situation when multiple people are using a duplicated slido question at the same time? 

1 reply

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Hey @MAB ,

Thanks for your question!

If you have multiple people that would need to use the same Slido event, you can create Multiple rooms for each persons session, they can have their own set of Polls within the single event all under the same QR code.

The interference comes when you have a single Slido session with 1 set of polls being used by multiple people, as you can only have 1 poll active at a time. If Person A and Person B both are running the same Slido, this will cause issues, so making Multiple Room A for Person A and so on would be best. In that case you would have all the data from each session in the same Slido.

In the case you want all data separate, you can duplicate the Slido event, and have each person owning their own Slido event for their session.

Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions!