Feature Request: Temporary Slido contributors without Slido Account for Webex Integration

  • 19 January 2024
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Hi @Slido Team,

We as a Cisco integrator are selling, using and teaching Webex Meetings and Webinars very often.

Currently we are evaluating Slido for Q&A as the upcoming new Webex platform will replace its native Q&A  feature with Slido Q&A.

Everything works as shown in your great documentation: 

However we’re often have external panelists in the webinar who do not even have a Slido account but need to support Q&A. This was possible with the native Webex Q&A feature.

We’re requesting a way to enable external Slido-less panelists to get temporary contributor rights.

We naturally accept that those users will not have any access to reports after the meeting/webinar ends. 

Lookig forward for your feedback,


5 replies

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Hey @Rouven ,

Thanks for your detailed request/questions!

Depending on your Slido Organizations privacy settings, you can allow external guests to be invited to help collaborate on Slido events. If those guests do not have Slido enabled for their Webex account, they will only be able to help moderate Q&A from slido.com with their access to the event.

Let us know if this helps!



Hi @Carly from Slido,

Thank you for your guidance.

We gave it a try but we did not have any chance to get a guest without a Slido account into the Q&A to help moderate the questions within Webex nor Slido online. 

BTW: If it plays a role: We’re SSO enabled  

I suppose it would need a feature request to get it done - if possible.

Best Regards,


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Hey @Rouven ,

I would double check with the Owner or Admin on your Webex/Slido Org that “Exclude Guests” is enabled. This allows those that are not Users on your org to help collaborate and bypasses the SSO authentication allowing them to create a Password login to access the event. Ill share the steps from our help article below on how to accomplish this:


Allow inviting external guests when SSO is set for your Slido Organization

If you're using single sign on (SSO) for your Slido organization, you can only invite people who are already members of the organization. To allow guests to log in without SSO, the organization owner needs to enable the option Exclude guests from SSO in the Member SAML/SSO settings under Organization settings.


Let us know if you have any other questions!



Hello @Carly from Slido ,
Thank your for the Information. The SSO is excluded for guests an they are able to participate but they need a Slido account anyway -Thats my issue. We would like to have Webex panelists without Slido Account to help in the Q&A moderation.

Hi @Rouven 

Thanks for clarifying that. For better or worse, any moderator for the Slido Q&A will require setting up a guest account. We’ll definitely log this as a feature request and let you know if/when the functionality becomes available.

Outside guests can only have access to a single Slido event at a time. And so if the guest is not part of your same Webex organization they’ll have access to just that single event.

If needed, they can access the event’s analytics at slido.com using their guest credentials. With that said, you can always revoke their access at any point. 

Let us know if you have any other questions.