All about our annual plans - features, number of events, payment options, and renewals

  • 5 October 2020
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With our paid plans, you can create an unlimited number of events that can last up to one year.

You can also manage a team by adding users to your annual plan, so they can create their own events and benefit from all the features your license comes with.


In this article, you’ll find the following topics: 


Features included in the annual plan


Feature Available in
Team management & event collaboration all annual plans
except for Engage
Account settings - apply the same settings to all events

all annual plans

Security options - pass code, require name and email, restricted domain, SSO varies per plan - check Pricing
Export data - export your event and account data at any point in time all annual plans
Branding - company or event logo and custom colors all annual plans
except for Engage

Unlimited polls, quizzes, audience questions, and ideas

all annual plans
Activate multiple polls at the same time via a survey all annual plans
except for Engage
Moderate questions - label, filter, disable anonymous questions all annual plans
except for Engage


For more details of included features go to our Pricing page where you can learn more about your selected plan or see a plan comparison. 


The number of events included in the annual plan

With any of the paid annual plans, you can create as many events as you like. It is also possible to have concurrent events. 


The number of users included in the annual plan


All annual plans (except for Enterprise) come with a single user seat. Enterprise comes with 3 seats.


If needed, you can purchase additional user seats for your account, so that your team members can create their own events using your license.

This is useful if your colleagues want to use Slido as well, without having to purchase a full license. It also allows you to easily manage your team, distribute roles and monitor the usage of Slido across your organization.

YLearn more about Team Management.


The number of participants included in the annual plan

Our annual plans offer different number of participants allowed within an individual event - 200, 1000 or 5000. Everyone who joins your event is counted as a participant. 

Please check our Pricing page to make sure that you select a plan that suits your needs the best.


Payment options and purchase process

You can buy your plan online using a credit or debit card. 

For Professional plans with more than 7 additional users and for Enterprise plans. we also provide an option to pay via invoice

All annual plans are billed for the whole year, there’s no option for monthly payments. 

To pay your invoice, you can use:

Credit card Click the button at the bottom of your invoice to pay.
There will be an option to “Pay with a credit card” in the next step. 
Wire transfer All invoices include our billing details which you can use for a wire transfer.


When can you start using Slido

You can start using your Slido license as soon as you purchase online or you receive an invoice from us.

The advanced features included in your plan will be automatically available for any new event you create after the upgrade. 


Expiration of your license


Your license is active for exactly one year since the day of its activation and we don’t have the option to pause your subscription.

Together with your plan name and the number of additional users, you can find the expiration date of your license in Organization settings. Just log in to your account, click the initials in the upper right corner and select Organization settings - Organization details. 


How to renew


As we don’t store your credit card details, you will never be automatically charged for a renewal. We’ll let you know via email that your account is up for the renewal 30 days before your license expires.


You can renew online via a link in your Events tab 30 days before your license expires and 60 days after the expiration date in Organization settings - Billing info. For renewals via invoice, please fill out this form

We understand that internal approvals might take some time, therefore, if you’d like to start the process earlier, send us an email to and we’ll be happy to help. 

If you don’t wish to renew right now, you can let your license expire and purchase again whenever you’re ready. 

If your renewal price is higher than expected, it could be that you have added multiple users to your license. You can check the actual number of users in the Organization settings or your Team tab. 

If you operate within the European Union, it’s good to check whether you’ve provided your VAT ID with the last payments. If you don’t include your VAT ID, VAT tax will be added to the final price.


What happens after your plan expires

In case you decide not to renew, you do not have to do anything. Because we don’t have automatic renewal, your account will automatically downgrade back to the free plan and any newly created events will be Basic. 

There’s no need to worry about your data either - all your events will be stored in your account and you will have access to them anytime, unless you delete them. We will never delete any of your data without a request from the license owner or a special deal.


Ready to get started with Slido? Simply sign up for an account at and create your first event. 


Is the Basic plan considered an annual plan? 

No, it is not.

The Basic plan is a free plan which can be used for unlimited events with 3 polls (including 1 quiz), audience Q&A and Ideas, but does not include the advanced features. Basic events can last up to 7 days.


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