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  • 24 August 2020
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If your company requires to go through a procurement process when purchasing Slido, we're happy to help.

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Considering Slido for your enterprise and something's missing on this page? Check out the overview of our annual plans or schedule a call with our sales representatives using our Enterprise page.


Requesting a price quote

To request a price quote, simply fill out the price quote request form. Make sure to include your billing details (with a VAT ID, if applicable) and the contact person (with their email).


Slido can be purchased either in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD.

Raising a purchase order

All Users can now add their purchase order number when purchasing a plan, making the process easier for you. This is how it will look:

Procuring Slido: Purchase Order

If you have a particular set up, you can still send us a purchase order to The purchase order must include:

  • Company name and billing details (with a VAT ID if applicable)
  • Specification of Slido plan
  • End-user sign up e-mail

As Slido is a software as a service, we need to know the end-user before issuing an invoice. This user must already have a Slido account created (simply by signing up) - otherwise, we can't upgrade it.

Once we receive the purchase order, we will upgrade the respective account and issue an invoice. Our due date for the invoice is 14 days (30 days for clients in the UK).

If the person responsible for the payment differs from the end-user or the person raising the purchase order, please provide their contact information (either in the order itself or via email sent along with the order).


Requesting an invoice

If you'd like to purchase our Enterprise plan, or Professional plan with 7 and more additional users, or if your online payment is not going through, we can issue an invoice for you. 


We will then apply the upgrade to your account and email you the invoice. On weekdays, we aim to sort out every request within a couple of hours. 


Procurement documents to download

Here's a list of the most common procurement documents that you might need. Feel free to download them using the respective links. If something's missing, let us know at


If the documents aren't sufficient to fill out the supplier or vendor form on your end, send us the respective form or registration link to It is very helpful to know how long this process should take or what kind of information you need before we start filling it out, as our capacities are limited.

⤓ Proforma invoice (in any of our three currencies - EUR, GBP, USD, AUD)

⤓ Billing and bank details


If you need a W8-BEN-E certificate, please reach out to our customer care team at 



Tax domicile confirmation

If you are a resident of a country that has a valid and effective double tax treaty contract with Slovakia, we can send you a confirmation of our tax domicile on a letterhead document.

⤓ Download a proforma confirmation.

If you require a confirmation, send us a request with your invoice number together with your company details to


Value Added Tax information

Based on your billing address and business status (i.e. if you get billed as company or individual) Slido may be required to apply value added tax on top of the cost of its service in order to comply with local tax regulations. The list of countries together with the short description of relevant conditions is summarized below.


European Union

Based on the valid EU legislation concerning taxation of electronic services VAT will be added to the cost of service if the customer's billing address is in the EU. The VAT rate is determined according to the member state where the customer belongs. The amount of tax and the respective VAT rate will be listed as a separate line item on the invoice. Customers outside of Slovakia may be exempt from VAT when a valid VAT identification number is provided.

Some organizations are exempt from VAT regardless of their country of residence. If your company belongs to one of those, please send us your tax exemption certificate to

ⓘ Learn more about the EU VAT regime

W-9 / W-8BEN

These forms, also known as a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification forms, are used to confirm a person’s name, address, and taxpayer identification number (TIN) for employment or other income-generating purposes. W-9 can be requested by an individual defined as a U.S. citizen or a person defined as a resident alien, while W-8 forms are issued to nonresident alien individuals, foreign entities and exempt foreign persons.

Slido owns a W-8BEN-E form, which is used by the beneficiary owners (businesses only) that claim to be tax residents outside of the United States.

If you need Slido’s W8-BEN-E certificate, please reach out to our customer care team at 



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